M & G Willocks

My husband and I have had the very real pleasure of being clients of ESA since 2001. Actually, we first "signed up" with Ellen and Julie just a few short months prior to the 9/11 bombings in New York. In that short period, we couldnít believe our luck as the Australian ASX 300 at the time, saw good growth and we made a tidy profit which we promptly skimmed off to pay off some of our "bad" debt i.e. private mortgage. We believed we had left the "herd" and joined the smart people with Ellen and Julieís assistance. After 9/11, we trusted in Ellen and Julie's knowledge that the market would bounce back and it did - more quickly that we thought. We proceeded to work at paying off our "bad debt" and at all times, felt comfortable in the knowledge that we were being looked after and confident that we were on the right track finally. 

The last 4 - 5 years have been difficult ones all round but we are still hanging in there in the knowledge that there is no point selling out of the market when it is low. We might as well sit it out and wait to make our next profit - albeit a bit longer in coming these days. The biggest comfort of all, is knowing that there is always a "cushion" and even during the severe ups and downs of the markets over the last 12 years, we have never been at risk of a "margin call". 

For the future - well, we will just have to wait and see if the world is indeed over the GFC. We are sure Julie will contact us as soon as there is a "smart" change to make or an avenue to accelerate the profit margin. We feel we are still in good hands.