Russell and Noela Brown

My wife and I made our initial contact with ES&A Financial Services several years ago. During the seminar our eyes were opened as we learnt many things that unfortunately we should have learnt 30-40 years before. 

We have been guided over the years and although not rich, we are comfortable, and under the guidance of Julie and her team we hope to remain "comfortable" until the end of our days. One of the best things about Julie and her team is they "tell you the way it is not what we want to hear". 

They do not lie, if things get bad they look you in the eye and have the gumption to tell you it may get worse if they believe it to be so. They will give you options, explain in detail those options and assist you to make any decision should you want them to do so. They DO NOT pressure you. 

In conclusion, I can say that we are very pleased with the quality service we have gained from ES&A Financial Services and would recommend their services to anyone. It has taken the worry from us in our retirement even though the share markets fluctuate to a "very scary degree", the systems used by ES&A have taken all the pressure from us as we follow their systems.