Barbara and Jim Stubbings

We have been working together with ES&A Financial Services Pty Ltd on our financial planning for over ten years. We say working together as ES&A don't have the type of advisor and client relationship you may encounter with some financial advisors. They form a personal rapport with their clients and get to know you as a person or couple before having discussions to gain an understanding of your goals, dreams and aspirations and then start discussing your finances and how they can assist you to reach your goals etc... When we first joined ES&A they set us up with a financial arrangement that they strongly encouraged us to follow for my husband's finances and working with this advice my husband's retirement funds have increased greatly. We are now in the next phase with both lots of retirement funds and following with their advice these funds are growing substantially as well. 

The financial world has seen some tumultuous changes in recent years and at all times ES&A were always there for support and sometimes frank discussions about what to do and where to from here. They always listen to what you have to say as a client and offer their best advice to you.