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We regularly hold free information evenings on a variety of relevant subjects. Keep checking back here to find out when the next evening will be and the subject matter to be discussed.

ES&A regularly hold events on many subjects our clients find very useful. We have a variety of specialised speakers who are experts in their fields who are happy to share advice and experience. Our events are free and include a light supper. Bookings are essential as we have limited seating.

Retiring in Uncertain Times - Book in Now!

Wednesday, 27 January 2021 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm
It might not be the most emotionally comfortable time to retire or invest right now - but there are ways you can still go about it that will allow you to survive whatever happens.
The good news is that in every scenario there are seeds of opportunity where you might even benefit from the current downturn. 2020 has already surpassed most ‘would be’ retiree’s worst nightmares. Time stops for no one and even during these unprecedented world events - retirement still happens! The trick of retirement is to at least maintain the lifestyle you already have - and hopefully improve on it.  It is not a lot to ask after working most of your life but there are a few tricks to planning a successful retirement that should not be overlooked.
We look forward to welcoming everyone to our Seminars (14 attendees only) with our next seminar with availability being held on Wednesday, 27th January 2021 at 6:00pm.    Our workshops include refreshments on arrival and a fantastic supper at half time. 
We love questions and interaction from our audience and try to keep the presentation interesting and not too heavy on the technical details that you can Google yourself.  Let's stick to sharing the important stuff.
Hit the "Contact Us" page on the website to book your seat now.  Seating is limited to 14 due to COVID-19 restrictions & be assured our office will be following a strict COVID-19 safe check list to provide both you and our team with a safe, clean environment.