Robert Flegg

Julie was the best recommendation we have ever received! Our first encounter with a financial adviser left us overwhelmed and confused. Our second was through a bank and promoted self-interest - theirs. We then met Julie... her warm and genuine interest in us, gives us confidence that she listens, and formulates best options for Ray and I, not a recipe that will be applied to all. She is thorough and provides us with quality time to discuss and mull over the options she presents. Her holistic approach to financial planning is highly valued by Ray and I. Julie keeps in regular contact and Ray and I know that we are "small fish" when it comes to our financial status, yet Julie and her team makes us feel as if we are the most important people in the world! 

I want to thank E S & A Financial Services for the wise advice and direction they have given my wife and myself over many years, even while we lived in Europe. 

I have so much confidence in your business that I have no hesitation in recommending it to others. Yours is the kind of responsive, personalised and high quality service that people are looking for today.